A space to heal, remember and encounter God

Emma Taylor from Henley Baptist Church led a prayer space in October 2016 to support mums who have lost babies. She writes below about how the prayer space helped those who came. 

During Babyloss Awareness Week, we hosted what we believe to be the first ever baby loss prayer space, offering a peaceful space to heal, remember and encounter God.

Using resources borrowed from BeSpace, we created five stations where people affected by the loss of a baby either in pregnancy or after birth could firstly remember, and reach out to God and their baby, then consider healing, and forgiveness of self and others, before contemplating under the soothing light of a bubble tube.

We used a variety of creative activities to help people explore their feelings and meet with God, and the space was very well received. Women were bursting into tears as they walked in the door, recognising they were in a safe place where they had permission to let go.

“I have found my time so very helpful,” said one woman who lost her baby aged two weeks.

“A lovely way to remember our lost babies,” said another, while one woman described the prayer space as “(an) amazingly peaceful space for us to remember our lost children”.

She added: “I prayed last week for a sign and then I saw (this) on Facebook – God works in mysterious ways and I’m thankful for it.”

We now plan to hold the prayer space annually, and have created a Facebook group for others who would like to run a similar space. Search for “Baby loss prayer space facilitators” to join and share ideas and resources.

Emma Taylor – Henley Baptist Church