Our vision is to see every child, young person and adult connect with God in their daily lives.


To equip churches to serve the life of their local communities through running regular prayer and reflection spaces.




We have four core values that underpin everything we do and everything that we hope to do.



We aim to always have a culture where people feel valued, safe and welcome.


We encourage Churches from different traditions to work together to accomplish our mission.


We seek to inspire creativity and innovation in all areas of our work as we continually work towards our vision.


We show love to people of all beliefs and backgrounds.


Become, Belong, Beyond

These three key words help to describe some of what we hope will be the impact of experiencing prayer and reflection spaces. 

Become – We hope that people will become more of the person they were created to be.

Belong – We hope people will know that they belong in a supportive community and have a purpose.

Beyond – We hope that people will look beyond themselves.