We have many volunteering opportunities available to enable you to be a part of seeing every child, young person and adult in Oxfordshire have the opportunity to pray or reflect in their daily lives.

Volunteer opportunities locally:

Prayer and reflection spaces are happening all across Oxfordshire. Why not consider volunteering in a space locally to you? We can easily inform you of the prayer and reflection spaces happening near by and connect you with organisers in your locality. It’s not just about being able to lead and work with a small group of children or young adults- transporting equipment, helping set up and pack away spaces, making activity resources and helping out at community events are some of the other ways you could support a local team organising a prayer and reflection space. Email us at info@bespace.be for more information on volunteering locally to you.

Volunteer opportunities with our core team:

BeSpace is always keen to have volunteers on board for a day or more a week who can help us reach our vision. We can provide valuable experience working with children, young people and adults, sharing about Christian prayer and gaining experience in the operations of a small charity. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Leading and organising prayer and reflection spaces around the County
  • Office administration
  • Book keeping
  • Store room management and organisation
  • Website and social media development
  • Fundraising (engaging with major donors, maintaining relationships with existing donors, running fundraising events etc.)
  • Creating prayer and reflection space activities
  • Branding and publicity
  • Organising events to celebrate volunteers or raise awareness of the work of BeSpace

Email kirsty@bespace.be to discuss volunteering opportunities further.

“What a privilege it has been to volunteer with BeSpace over the last 18 months! I came to Oxford not knowing what I was going to do with my time during the week. Amazingly, this was when BeSpace was ready to expand the team and I have been able to help lead prayer spaces in different schools, as well as organising the admin for them alongside local churches and create new prayer space activities.

The children and young people’s deep and heart felt comments about prayer and faith have really impacted me and often, when volunteering with teams of people from churches, we have felt like we have learnt just as much about God as the children have. I have known about the work of prayer spaces in schools for a while, but I didn’t realise how vital this work is in giving children and young people in many different types of schools the opportunity to chat with local Christians, having time in a familiar yet calm environment where they are given permission to stop and pray or reflect about what is going on in their lives and around the world. An important message for adults too!

If you’re considering volunteering, I would highly recommend volunteering for BeSpace. It is a great team to be part of, supported by a wonderful group of trustees, all held up by prayer, with Jesus at the centre. You’ll get to use your skills and talents, as well as challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone a little (for me this was speaking to large groups of adults!). Go for it!”

Lucie Strange- Oxford City Support Volunteer 2016-2018