We have developed a selection of prayer and reflection activities, designed to be used in a classroom setting, when a usual BeSpace is not possible due to the restrictions in place, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the Introduction video, please click HERE

The prayer and reflection activities are similar to those we would use in a school BeSpace, but slightly adapted to fit the classroom setting. You may be familiar with the STOP theme (sorry, thank you, others and please) from previous BeSpaces. The activities can follow this theme, but rather than setting up a special space for a BeSpace experience, the activities can be carried out by the students in their class bubble, at their desks. The lesson, activities and feedback should take approximately 45 minutes, the length of time a class is usually in for a BeSpace session.

The introduction to the activities (in the lesson plan) could be led either by the class teacher or TA, or by someone from the local church either online or in person. Or you can use this introduction video by Kirsty. (Click HERE). The teacher or TA would then need to distribute the pre-prepared, individual resources needed for the prayer and reflection activities to the children, who can remain at their desks.

We have small kits with the items needed that we can provide for you. If you prefer not to use BeSpace kits, the activities from set 1 and some of the additional activities could be run using resources from within school only.

Please click on the resources below to access: a lesson plan, suggested activities, templates needed.

DOWNLOAD BeSpace Classroom Prayer & Reflection Lesson Outline

DOWNLOAD BeSpace Classroom Activities Set 1

DOWNLOAD BeSpace Classroom Activities Set 2

DOWNLOAD BeSpace Classroom Additional Activities

DOWNLOAD Easter Activities

DOWNLOAD BeSpace Classroom Remembrance & Thanksgiving Activities

DOWNLOAD Advent & Christmas Classroom prayer & reflection activities

DOWNLOAD Butterfly template

DOWNLOAD Rainbow bunting template

DOWNLOAD Flower petal template

DOWNLOAD Finger Labryinths

DOWNLOAD Stripe-less Zebra template

To book the kits, or for any further information about classroom kits, please email us at: info@bespace.be