To celebrate 10 years of prayer spaces in schools in Oxfordshire, we will be publishing a different prayer activity each month from October 2019 – July 2020. These could be used in a classroom, at home or in a work place, and adapted to best fit your situation. Some of these activities have originally come from Prayer Spaces in Schools, a network that we are a part of. See: Prayer Spaces in Schools website

October: Thankfulness Tree

November: Remembrance Poppies

December: Preparing Hearts

October: Thankfulness Tree

January: Hopes & Dreams

February: Love your neighbour

March: The wheelbarrow – getting rid of unhelpful stuff

April: Easter – New Life

May: Gratefulness jar

Coming up:

June: Plastic Planet – looking after our world

July: Prayer Walk – others in our community

To create your own space, please download the instructions below (these will be updated monthly as the activity is published on Facebook.)

DOWNLOAD 10 Year Celebration Prayer Activities