Usually a local church will contact us wishing to hold a prayer space in a local school that they have good links with. In other instances, a school may hear about prayer spaces and either BeSpace or the local school contacts the church to request support with running the prayer space.

A primary school prayer space requires volunteers for each activity area (typically 4) and a session leader. A secondary school prayer space requires 3 adults present in the room (including a session leader). We ask the local church to find volunteers and leaders for the prayer space.

BeSpace provides equipment resources, training and the support of one staff member on the ground for the first 1-2 days a first prayer space is running. This staff member will model setup and how to lead sessions and give feedback and support to the session leaders for the first 1-2 days the prayer space is running. For the remainder of the prayer space the local church/ organisation will lead the days independently, pack down the prayer space at the end and return the equipment to the BeSpace store.

This is an outline of how we typically work with local churches for first prayer spaces.

  • Initial discussion with you so that you can find out how we work with churches, ask any questions and we can explore together the best way to move forward. We can also arrange for you to visit a prayer space in action locally.
  • Meet with the school together to explain what a prayer space is, how it fits into the school curriculum and, most importantly, the positive impact it will have on students.
  • Arrange for the church session leaders to visit a prayer space running locally to observe how to lead a session.
  • Work alongside you to plan the details of the prayer space (timetables, safeguarding, risk assessment documents etc.)
  • Provide comprehensive training for all church volunteers and leaders in the prayer space.
  • Provide all resources needed to set up the prayer space.
  • Help you set up the prayer space and provide support on the ground for the first couple of days as the session leaders have a go at leading sessions and gain confidence.
  • Arrange a debrief meeting with you and the school to discuss the prayer space and consider the next steps.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a meeting with a BeSpace staff member to help you start to organise a prayer space for your local school please email us on