BeSpace is a Christian charity based in Oxfordshire that equips local churches to facilitate prayer and reflective spaces in schools and other areas of the community. We are passionate about seeing every child, young person and adult have space to pray or reflect in their daily lives. We love seeing the impact prayer and reflection spaces have on those who encounter them. We are so excited to see the day when every church in Oxfordshire has an active part in building prayer and reflection spaces in their local schools and wider community, giving children, young people and adults the opportunity and tools to pray or reflect regularly. Imagine the impact of that!  Please click on the links to find out more about our areas of work.

Since 2010 in Oxfordshire we have seen…

Over 500 prayer and reflection spaces in schools

Over 150 schools reached (over 1/3 of the schools in the County)

100,000+ students impacted

90 prayer and reflection spaces in 2017/18 academic year

100 prayer and reflection spaces in 2018/19 academic year

12 community prayer and reflection spaces


The Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford

“I visited a BeSpace prayer space recently in a community school in Oxford.  I was deeply impressed by the way the children engaged with the silence and activities and stillness.  There was something for everyone and an opportunity to learn and engage with prayer in a way that was special to each child.  I thank God for the way the work of BeSpace is growing and look forward to the practice spreading to workplaces as well as schools.  BeSpace is one of the ways we are learning in this Diocese to be a more contemplative, compassionate and courageous Church”



“Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength..using the school’s prayer space, pupils contemplate values and provide thoughtful and thought- provoking responses when working in groups”

Ofsted report- Rush Common Community Primary School 2017


“My classroom was completely transformed into a fantastic space welcoming quiet, thoughtful reflection. It gave some students who struggle in class an opportunity to engage. I would highly recommend prayer spaces to any school. A fantastic experience which I hope will become a yearly event in our schools calendar”

Alice Blackburn- Head of RE, Faringdon Community College